We wanted this site to be a place where those who knew Dror can come to embrace memories, and for those who did not know him to get to know Dror. However…it is difficult to sum up a person with a simple collection of words, without the ability to really see, hear and feel. This site is a poor substitute for the sensitive, witty and special person that Dror was. Sadly, Dror is gone, but this is what we can offer to you and to ourselves.

Dror was born June 3rd, 1983 in Kfar Saba, the youngest of the Granot family. His mom Hanna and his dad Dov were already the proud parents of Efrat and Einat. As a young child he demonstrated an endless curiosity, an amazing memory and prejudice-free wisdom. In childhood he played detective games, enjoyed adventures, some soccer and much naughtiness. All three kids organized games, plays and special birthdays. Almost every family gathering became a crazy production in which everybody got swept up.

Early on in "Aran", his elementary school, Dror discovered that the teaching system was not to his liking. Dror was a curious child, exceptionally smart, but also stubborn. He loved learning and acquiring knowledge but was not fond of teachers' guidelines, which meant that he spent much of his time self-learning. Dror had a phenomenally retentive memory. When he got interested in a subject, he studied it in depth and could describe it to the last detail. He understood many subjects: literature, music, sports, computers, politics, geography, health, nutrition and more. He could name all the soccer and basketball players of many teams and knew all the countries in the world, including their capitals and flags. In addition to his elementary and middle school studies he participated in a special program aimed at accelerating knowledge of gifted students, where he enjoyed the freedom to practice his creativity and curiosity.

With time he also learned the art of arguing. He had strong opinions on almost every subject, from politics to God's existence. He would crystallize these opinions after a thorough study of the subject matter. He loved to argue with anyone who "dared" not share his views. As he matured he developed a very special sense of humor, which we all enjoyed in family gatherings. He knew how to express his feelings in a mature manner, which is unusual in adolescence. He always respected others, whatever their status and no matter if they agreed with his ideas and beliefs.

In "Galili" high school he chose the science track, following in his sisters' steps. There he met some of his best friends, with whom he spent much time. Obviously, they argued and discussed matters of paramount concerns (…and girls…).

When the time to enlist in the army approached, he decided to become a combat soldier, which was so characteristic of him. He wanted to prove that it is possible to defend the country without compromising one's ethics, human dignity and respect. Therefore, he did not accept the invitation to join an intelligence unit and began exercising many hours in the gym. Indeed, he was transformed, like the swan in the fairy tales, from a skinny and scrawny kid to a strong young man.

In July 2001 he enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force and was placed in the "Giva'aty" combat brigade. Following basic training in the "Rotem" unit, he was recruited early to a commanders' course. At the end of this course he was placed to command newly enlisted soldiers, an assignment that he took as a mission, and which he was extremely proud of. On the last night of his life he accompanied the soldiers of the unit he trained with pride and with love on a march to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The day after at 31.1.2003 without advanced warning, he ended his life because of a disappointed love that ended a week beforehand.

Dror was 19 and half years old when he died. The following words are engraved on his tombstone: "Or Lanu, Dror Lanu, Ve'encha" which means: We had light, we had freedom ("Dror") but now you are gone.

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