Memory of Ron, his uncle

He liked to call me a gorilla. I think that was because I used to swing my arm into the back seat of the car where he and Shai would be riding and pretend to try to swat them. My kids also call me a gorilla but that was because of a silly story about a gorilla that Tali once told at the dinner table to see if I was paying attention-which I wasn't.
Now I have a stuffed gorilla on my bookshelf and it makes me remember Dror.

We had an argument about a swamp cat; an animal that he said lived in the Jordan River. I told him there was no such thing as a swamp cat.
He got mad.
Years later I saw a picture of a swamp cat- so he was right.
I never had a chance to tell him.

He was usually right.

He liked to solve puzzles; he got that from his mother.

When he visited Palo Alto, he was crazy about miniature golf.

He liked the NBA basketball teams and players.
Once I had one of Karen's boyfriends help me find an official NBA basketball shirt for him. When I gave it to Dror, he tried to act cool, but I knew that he liked it.
At least he put it up on his wall.

He liked the English football teams and players even more. But he knew that I didn't know anything about that.

When he and Shai came to San Francisco, they couldn't get enough of Haight-Ashbury and the Amoeba Record store.

I showed him how to get information on Google, before most people knew about Google.

He liked to work out.

That tattoo was a shocker.

He was a handsome soldier.

We miss him.

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